Churches reveal a lot about themselves by those ministries to whom they are accountable, or whom they especially admire. Here are some of those ministries.

The Association of Vineyard Churches We are a Vineyard Church. Vineyard is an association of churches with a set of common values and a theology centered around the Kingdom of God. John Wimber was a pioneer in both our movement and our theology.

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The International House of Prayer
We are a house of prayer. While we are not a copy of IHOP in Kansas City, we consider them one of the foremost demonstrations of worship and prayer on the earth.

Bethel Church- Redding, California

Bethel Church in Redding California is a church that believes in God’s kingdom coming to earth as in heaven. Bethel, under Bill Johnson’s leadership, has also learned how to bring transformation to their region as well as exporting revival around the earth.

Global Awakening
Randy Clark’s ministry in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania is a leading teaching and mission organization for spreading revival fires around the world